Coaching Programs


partnering with parents to offer supportive coaching

Apparent Connection collaborates with parents to inspire positive relationships with their children. Our goal is to help you, the parent, develop skills and approaches that are essential for your child’s positive development. Parents with common and unique family circumstances are encouraged via attentive listening, guidance, support and motivation without judgment. Parents are presented with specific approaches for making mindful and healthy family changes.

A safe and supportive place to share and receive information without judgement. Mindfulness, compassion and strategies are integrated into the group discussions in to order to help each Mom minimize the everyday stress of raising a family.
— Our Mindful Mom's Group (as described by the moms)

small group and individual formats for children

We work with children of all ages, including teenagers! As children learn new skills, they are encouraged to be their very best. Child coaching focuses on Mindfulness, kindness and respect. Age-appropriate skillsets are introduced in interactive activities. Self-confidence, self-esteem, empathy and gratitude are all part of our programs. Topics of discussion include but are not limited to chaotic morning and evening routines, siblings, friendships, grades and school stress, and the balancing of family and extra-curricular activities.