Speaking, Seminars and
Continuing Education


EDUCATOR SEMINARS ARE TAILORED TO MEET THE NEEDS OF individual schools and community organizations

Apparent Connection collaborates, inspires and implements social curriculum development in the classroom setting with an emphasis on Mindfulness and effective communication. Respect, caring and kindness are integral parts of the programs We share Mindfulness strategies and approaches with Educators so they may teach children on a daily basis the importance of respect for others. Self-regulation occurs when children expand their vocabulary so they can express their needs and feelings in age appropriate and respectful ways. Children are natural learners when happy and understood. Positivity and optimism are key components to a healthy learning environment. Teachers, Directors and Organizations are introduced to new ways of communicating also. There is less stress for all involved in a community. Calmness promotes creativity. Fun and peaceful strategies work to engage student and adult learning. It is a win-win for all.