I help you find calm through Stress management and Mindfulness Coaching for:
Employees & Organizations • Children & Teachers • Families & Individuals

Where are you struggling to handle stressors in your life? Where do you want to thrive?


Parent and child coaching

In our Apparent Connection Parent and Child Coaching Programs, we collaborate with parents to inspire positive connections with their children. Our goal is to help parents develop skills and approaches which encourage children’s positive development. For the children, self-confidence and respectful communication are promoted. Mindfulness strategies are introduced step-by-step for relaxation and focus for both the parents and the children.


Educator Seminars

We offer educator seminars in our office or on location and serve a variety of school and community organizations. Sessions focus on relevant topics tailored to your group of students, parents, educators and staff. Mindfulness, kindness, and gratitude are at the heart of the programs we provide.


workplace presentations

Apparent Connection offers Stress Management and Mindfulness Coaching for Wellness in the Workplace. Employers and employees face increasing challenges in today’s hectic and every changing world. High demands on time, impending deadlines and increased productivity per individual can make workplaces extremely stressful. Effectiveness, accuracy and creativity all lessen with high levels of stress.


individuals, Groups, and workshops

Coaching by Apparent Connection may be done on an individual basis or in a group setting. In person coaching is available at our Bedford, New Hampshire location by appointment or through our workshop opportunities. Terri Hamilton will also go to your school, organization or your place of business for presentations, workshops and consultations.